A New Model Following Control System based on SAC Algorithm with Parallel Feedforward Compensator

Y. Masukake, M. Ono, H. Ogawa, and Y. Ishida (Japan)


Simple Adaptive Control, Parallel Feedforward Compensator, State-Space Feedback Control.


In this paper, a new model following control system based on Simple Adaptive Control (SAC) algorithm with no output tracking error for known parameters of the plants is proposed. Using the proposed Parallel Feedforward Compensator (PFC) and the state-space feedback technique to the controlled plant, we can design a new model following control system with the superior performance. While the design method of a conventional PFC is not underspecified, the design method of the proposed PFC is quite simple and the parameter in the PFC can be easily and logically chosen. Moreover, simulation results show the advantage of the proposed method in the load disturbance response compared with the conventional SAC algorithm.

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