Minterm Injection Technique for Synthesis of Multiple-Valued Logic Functions

B.A.B. Sarif (Saudi Arabia) and M. Abd-El-Barr (Kuwait)


Digital Circuits and Systems, Optimization, Minterm Injection Technique, Multi-valued Logic, Functional Synthesis, Direct Cover Heuristics


A number of heuristic algorithms for producing near minimal sum-of products realization of MVL functions have been introduced. In particular, direct cover (DC) algorithms have been used effectively for synthesis of MVL functions for implementation using 2-level programmable logic arrays (PLAs). In this paper, a new way of synthesizing an MVL function by injecting pseudo minterm(s) in the representation of the function is proposed. The proposed approach is developed on top of the fuzzy based direct cover algorithm proposed by the authors before. The proposed algorithm is tested against a randomly generated set of benchmark consisting of 50000 2-variable 4-valued and 50000 2-variable 5-valued functions. The results obtained using the benchmark functions show that the proposed algorithm outperforms existing DC algorithms in terms of the number of average product terms needed to synthesize a given MVL function.

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