Analysis of Frequency Divider using Negative Differential Resistance Circuit

D.-S. Liang, C.-C. Tai, and K.-J. Gan (Taiwan)


Negative Differential Resistance (NDR), Heterojunction Bipolar-Transistor (HBT), R-HBT-NDR and chaos.


The behavior of a novel frequency divider circuit using negative differential resistance (NDR) circuit is studied. This NDR circuit is regard as R-HBT-NDR that is made of five resistors (R) and two heterojunction-bipolar-transistor (HBT) devices. It can show the NDR characteristic in its combined current-voltage curve by suitably arranging the resistances. A chaos circuit consisted of a R-HBT-NDR device, an inductor, and a capacitor is investigated. It demonstrates the period-adding sequences which appear in its bifurcation diagram to perform the frequency division. This analog frequency divider might provide some useful applications in the phase locked loop design. In this paper, we study the effects of the input frequency, the bias voltage, and the input amplitude on the operation. This circuit is analyzed by the standard SiGe-based BiCMOS process.

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