Hierarchical Diagnosis using a Voting and Non-Voting Schemes for Identical-Units-Interconnection Systems

T. Sasama and H. Masuyama (Japan)


Voting scheme, Interconnection system, Fault diagnosis, Array, Hypercube, and Tree.


Two types of hierarchical non-adaptive system-level diagnosis approach are discussed, categorized into three types of interconnection systems; array-, hypercube-, and tree-typed systems which consist of a large number of identical units. The first diagnostic approach employs a simple voting scheme where the votes are counted locally by a monitor unit in each set and in each hierarchical cluster, and the monitor calculates an answer based on the threshold. The second diagnostic approach employs a simple direct test by a tester where the correct diagnosis by a tester can be guaranteed by judging the answer from the test node on condition that the tester is fault-free. For these schemes, we propose a novel test architecture where targeted systems are not forced to prepare special testing monitors, that is, the testing monitors are one of many identical units which are not always necessary to connect directly with the corresponding testing unit located in the next higher cluster. The main contribution of this paper is to show the effectiveness of this test architecture under realistic circumstances.

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