Proposal of MC-CDMA Code-Diversity Communication System

S. Aoki and S. Tachikawa (Japan)


MC-CDMA, code-diversity, interference suppression, orthogonal Gold sequence, constant amplitude composite sequence


This paper proposes a novel MC-CDMA code-diversity communication system that can suppress multiple access interference by diversity technique using several element spreading sequences. In a MC-CDMA system, many users can communicate simultaneously on a common channel, however the BER performance is degraded seriously in near-far problem. While, the proposed MC-CDMA code diversity can improve its BER performance by applying to an appropriate weight coefficient for each element sequence. Further, by using a constant amplitude composite sequence, an ordinary transmitter is employed and only a receiver is modified. BER performances of the proposed MC-CDMA code-diversity system in near-far problem and the effects for several different spreading sequences are investigated. The considerable BER improvements of MC-CDMA code-diversity system compared with a conventional MC-CDMA system are shown.

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