Integration of Intelligence into a Semantic QoS Aware Service Retrieval Application

M. Alessandrini (Germany)


Service-Oriented Architecture, Service-Retrieval, Semantic, Neuronal-Net, Fuzzy-Logic, MFOS


The semantic service retrieval has reached a complexity level that users are often not able to express their real desire. In many cases the service requester will select one of the first services of a result list although other services are much more better for his requirement. At this point the integration of artificial intelligence tries to solve this problem. The usage of an expert system including fuzzy sets for handling the real-time queries and a neuronal network for the improvement of the expert system realize the identification of the real user’s desire. That paper describes in detail an approach to the integration of the artificial intelligence into a semantic service retrieval application. This approach is illustrated using a case study from the European research project SENSORIA.

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