Is it Possible to Control Robot Manipulator by Human Brain Wave Signal?

M. Shiraishi and H. Sumiya (Japan)


Brain wave, α-wave signal, emotion, 1/f fluctuation, robot manipulator


When we look at a comfortable scene or feel relaxed, our brain waves generally exhibit α−wave signals in the frequency band of approximately 8 to 13 Hz. These α waves particularly exhibit a 1/f fluctuation in which the corresponding power is inversely proportional to frequency f. 1/f α-wave signals obtained from test subjects listening to relaxing music were inputted to a robot manipulator. To evaluate the manipulator motions, test subjects were asked to complete questionnaires while they watched two types of manipulator motions: a 1/f motion and a white-noise-like motion. The results indicated that 90% of the subjects felt comfortable while watching the 1/f manipulator motions.

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