Efficient Computing of Correlated Equilibria in Multi-Player Games

M. Hrub and P. Čambala (Czech Republic)


intelligent agents, multi-agent systems, decision making, game theory, correlated equilibrium


This paper deals with modelling and simulation of intelli gent agents doing strategic decision making which we de scribe by terms of mathematical game theory [6, 8]. We have developed a package of computer models representing Central-European electricity markets having integrated in telligent behavior of electricity producers, traders and con sumers. This work required a very detailed research in al gorithmics and optimization of our game theoretic mod els because of their large time complexity. We adopted Aumann’s correlated equilibrium [1] as a basic concept of game equilibria. In this paper, we describe a very efficient general computerized algorithm of solving the multi-player game situations through the correlated equilibrium. Core of the presented method is based on iterative elimination of dominated strategies.

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