Modeling and Simulation of Human Operator Dynamics by Human/Vehicle Interaction Using Neural Network

B. Dobrucky, M. Alexik, and R. Holcek (Slovak Republic)


Modelling, simulation, artificial intelligence, man machine interaction, and neural networks


Future requirements of vehicle control dynamics especially cars, (technical systems in common) requires to consider not only needs but also ability of human operator's more systematically when selecting among the multitude of possible design alternatives of human/vehicle environment. More recent information and automation technologies including graphics (graphic display) and systems on decision making support have the potential to change vehicle control towards a new quality of automation and co-operation, which can be entitled "decision making in human/vehicle system". Striving for these design goals seems to be necessary in order to meet higher quality for operator/vehicle behaviour, operations safety in the system human/vehicle traffic situation and environmental compatibility by vehicle operations. This calls such design approaches, where physical, psychological and intellectual human behavioural reasons are taken into consideration and are also exploited.

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