Localize Faults from Alias-Free Programs using Verification based Model

S. Soomro (Pakistan), S.A.A. Shah (Austria), and W. Shah (Austria, Pakistan)


Model-Based Software Debugging, Fix-point computation, Fault Localization


Locating faults is one of the most time consuming tasks in today’s fast paced economy. This article makes use of an abstract dependency between program variables for locat ing faults in alias-free programs. We present an algorithm for finding fix-point over iterative functions and show proof with graph representation which ensures that we reached fix-point computation within finite number of iterations. This model computes dependences from statements, loops, recursive method calls and etc. Finally we present novel re sults obtained from over medium sized programs. Notably, whenever our novel model detects a structural fault, it also appears to be capable of localizing the detected misbehav ior’s real cause.

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