Multiresolution Modeling: A Technique for Efficient Geometry Processing in Real-Time Applications

F. Ramos, M. Chover, and O. Ripolles (Spain)


Level of detail, multiresolution, geometric modeling, real time rendering.


Real-time visualization of 3D scenes is a very important feature of many computer graphics solutions. In applications such as computer-aided design, scientific visualization or even in the growing computer games market, the performance of visualization becomes essential. In addition, the complexity of the scenes is increasing and they now contain objects composed of thousands or even millions of polygons. Therefore, it is necessary to resort to different techniques that allow us to maintain the quality and performance of 3D applications by managing that huge amount of geometry. Among the different solutions, many authors have concentrated on level-of-detail approaches. This has led to the appearance of a wealth of research in multiresolution modeling. The main objective of this paper is to present previous studies on this topic, presenting the different solutions that currently exist in the field of real-time visualization of level-of-detail models and to analyze the most notable works published.

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