High-Performance Visualization Technologies for Giga-Cell Reservoir Simulation

J.A. Pita, N.M. Al-Zamel, and A.H. Dogru (Saudi Arabia)


Modeling, simulation, visualization, parallel computing


State-of-the-art oil and gas reservoir management demands highly-detailed reservoir models incorporating all available geological and fluid property data. For some of the largest oil reservoirs on Earth, detailed reservoir models may consist of hundreds of millions to billions of grid-blocks which must be computer-simulated to plan production scenarios. Parallel computation has enabled our in-house simulators to model giant reservoirs in timely fashion. This paper addresses the challenge of visualizing giant-field simulation results using the latest advances in 3D visualization software and hardware. It highlights state-of-the-art approaches to tackle “giga-cell visualization”, consisting of parallel loading and rendering of the data on visualization PC-clusters as well as using large-memory GPUs to perform volumetric rendering at very interactive frame rates on workstations. We have achieved data load times between 15 seconds and one minute for billion-cell models and interactive frame rates for volume manipulation.

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