Breader: An Interactive Machine Vision System for Recognition of Geometrical and Mathematical Structures

C. Rafael and J. Simo (Portugal)


Pattern Analysis and Recognition; Geometry VisualRecognition; Mathematical Expression Visual Recognition; Symbol and Structure Recognition.


We describe a system that uses image processing and com puter vision techniques to discover and recognize geomet ric structures and mathematical symbols from images. The basic geometric constructions recognized include straight lines, polylines and circles. Interceptions between basic geometric construction are dealt with appropriated connec tivity relation. Basic geometries may be aggregated to cre ate composed objects. The system starts by segmenting the image in clusters of pixels. Mathematical (and other) sym bols are recognized by extracting Fourier-like features of clusters, and using a simple classification algorithm. Math ematical structures are built by applying composition rules to a topological graph. The recognized object structures can be exported to a variety of vector graphic languages and type-setting systems, such as SVG. The recognition and image processing pipeline is highly configurable and can rely on an interactive GUI. This allows parameters to be set and object exporting options to be selected. The sys tem is built in a modular way such that adding new types of object recognizers or expression composition rules is sim ple.

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