Parallel Implementation of Skeleton-based Pedestrian Tracking on a Cell Broadband Engine Processor

H. Sugano, T. Shinoda, Y. Nakamura, and R. Miyamoto (Japan)


Parallel Implementation, Cell Broadband Engine, Pedestrian Tracking


Currently we must realize a pedestrian recognition sys tem based on image processing for embedded applications, such as automotive applications, surveillance, and robotics. In these applications, highly accurate recognition must be achieved with real-time processing under limited system resources. To achieve such a pedestrian recognition system, we implement a skeleton-based pedestrian tracking scheme which can track pedestrians accurately on Cell Broadband Engine (CBE), one of the latest high performance embed ded processors for general purpose use, which has a novel memory management system to achieve ef´Čücient compu tation with parallel execution units. Experimental results using a test sequence show that processing time is reduced drastically when the number of SPE used for computation increases.

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