Guiding Attention in Information-Rich Virtual Environments

M. Deller, A. Ebert, S. Agne, and D. Steffen (Germany)


User-centered design, human factors, performance.


When presenting complex, multidimensional data to users, the emphasis of relevant information plays an important role. Especially when data is arranged according to sev eral criteria, the simultaneous use of multiple visualization metaphors frequently results in information overload and unintuitive visualizations. In this paper, we present results of an evaluation of preattentive visual features for high lighting relevance of data in an information-rich virtual en vironment. Representations of electronic documents with differing degrees of relevance were presented to users using different visual cues, which were evaluated with regard to their effectiveness, ef´Čüciency and comprehensibility. Also, they were tested in respect of their scalability to more doc uments, and effects of different screen sizes.

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