A Methodology for Feature based 3D Face Modelling from Photographs

K.M. Abson, H. Ugail, and S. Ipson (UK)


Facial modelling, Binary images, Feature extraction, Animation


In this paper, a new approach to modelling 3D faces based on 2D images is introduced. Here 3D faces are created using two photographs from which we extract facial features based on image manipulation techniques. Through the image manipulation techniques we extract the crucial feature lines of the face in two views. These are then used in modifying a template base mesh which is created in 3D. This base mesh, which has been designed by keeping facial animation in mind, is then subdivided to provide the level of detail required. The methodology, as it stands, is semi-automatic whereby our goal is to automate this process in order to provide an inexpensive and expedient way of producing realistic face models intended for animation purposes. Thus, we show how image manipulation techniques can be used to create binary images which can in turn be used in manipulating a base mesh that can be adapted to a given facial geometry. In order to explain our approach more clearly we discuss a series of examples where we create 3D facial geometry of individuals given the corresponding image data.

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