Medial Surface Guided Level Sets for Shape Exaggeration

B.J. Kadlec, H.M. Tufo, and G.A. Dorn (USA)


medial-surface, level set, curvature flow, shape exaggeration


We use the medial surface of a level set function to guide front evolution for growing regions of high positive curvature outwards. A modified inverse curvature term is used to encourage outward growth in a stable fashion. The eigenstructure of the object’s medial surface is extended through the level set domain using a fast marching method. The level set is then evolved along the orientation of the medial surface using a restrained continuous evolution. This technique allows growth opposite to mean curvature flow where regions of high positive curvature can be extended outwards, which is ill posed and numerically unstable when directly computed. This technique is able to produce 3D shapes that exaggerate and extend limbs and protrusions of high positive curvature while controlling oscillations.

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