Computation of Curvatures over Discrete Geometry using Biharmonic Surfaces

H. Ugail (UK)


Curvature computation, discrete geometry, Biharmonic surfaces.


The computation of curvature quantities over discrete geometry is often required when processing geometry composed of meshes. Curvature information is often important for the purpose of shape analysis, feature recognition and geometry segmentation. In this paper we present a method for accurate estimation of curvature on discrete geometry especially those composed of meshes. We utilise a method based on fitting a continuous surface arising from the solution of the Biharmonic equation subject to suitable boundary conditions over a 1-ring neighbourhood of the mesh geometry model. This enables us to accurately determine the curvature distribution of the local area. We show how the curvature can be computed efficiently by means of utilising an analytic solution representation of the chosen Biharmonic equation. In order to demonstrate the method we present a series of examples whereby we show how the curvature can be efficiently computed over complex geometry which are represented discretely by means of mesh models.

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