A Survey and Classification of Telecommunication Needs in Power Systems

A.A. Adeyemo, A.A. Jimoh, J.L. Munda, and O.J. Oyedapo (South Africa)


Energy Management System (EMS), Communication and Power systems.


In the world today, an electric power system constitutes a very large percentage of energy used by industries, commercial enterprises and domestic consumers. The need for a reliable and uninterrupted supply of electric power has gained high importance. To ensure a reliable delivery of electric power, reliable and real-time information is needed by the electric power utilities. This has created a need to enumerate and explain the needs of communication in power system industries and also to give possible telecommunication technologies that can meet these needs. This paper gives an overview of the needs of communication in power system and classifies these needs based on their sensitivity to delay, bit error and variation of delay

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