Towards a Practical Partial Core Transformer - Compensation of Reactive Power Requirements with a VSC

V. Bendre, P. Bodger, and A. Wood (New Zealand)


Partial core transformer, STATCOM, modelling and VAr compensation


Partial core inductors and transformers for high voltage testing of generator insulation have been designed, developed and built by the University of Canterbury since 2002. A partial core transformer is a compromise between a traditional full core and coreless transformer. It consists of a laminated ferromagnetic central core around which the primary and the secondary windings are wound. The outer limbs and the yokes are not present. This makes a partial core transformer superior to its full core counterpart as far as cost, weight and ease of transportation are concerned, while maintaining its functionality. The lack of a closed core reduces the magnetising reactance (Xm) and increases the reactive power requirement of the partial core transformer. This paper deals with the application of a single phase voltage source converter (VSC) based STATCOM to a low voltage partial core transformer, to compensate the inherent higher lagging VArs of the partial core transformer. Hence the transformer, with an added compensator, can be used like a normal full core transformer. The single phase partial core transformer with a STATCOM is modelled using PSCAD/EMTDC software. A simple, yet robust control system is designed. Simulation results reveal the performance of the STATCOM and partial core transformer with inductive, capacitive and resistive loads.

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