Stability Analysis of Centurion Electric Power System

Y. Galu, J.L. Munda, and A.A. Jimoh (South Africa)


Power System Stability, Power System Stabilizer, Thyristor Controlled Series Compensators, Modelling and Simulation.


This paper presents the modelling and simulation of Centurion electric power system using MATLAB/SIMULINK package. The system considered forms a small part of Tshwane Municipality Network in South Africa. As a suggested solution to increase stability margins of the system, power system stabilizer (PSS) and a flexible ac transmission system (FACTS)-based controllers are installed in the network. The single machine infinite bus power system model is considered, with the synchronous generator being represented by model 1 with both the generator main field winding and the damper winding in q-axis. PSS and FACTS-based controllers are modelled and tested to validate the effectiveness under various disturbance conditions.

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