Power Flow Studies in HVAC and HVDC Transmission Lines

D.T. Oyedokun and K.A. Folly (South Africa)


HVDC transmission line, HVAC/HVDC transmission, power flow, power angle


The choice of increasing the capacity of transmission infrastructure due to an increasing load demand needs careful evaluation and analysis. For a single HVAC transmission line, its capacity can be increased by using FACTS devices, adding another HVAC line in parallel to it, replacing the HVAC line by a HVDC line or by connecting HVAC and HVDC transmission lines in parallel. This paper investigates these alternatives by establishing three case studies. For the first, a double HVAC transmission line is used, for the second case, an HVDC transmission line is used, and for the third case, a parallel HVAC/HVDC lines are used. In each of these cases, power flow analysis is carried out to determine the most suitable way of increasing the capacity of transmission lines. The simulation results show that the best way to increase the capacity of the transmission line is to use Parallel HVAC/HVDC for transmission

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