Loading Effects of a Capacitor Excited Induction Generator

E.T. Rakgati and S. Setlhaolo (Botswana)



In this paper, the design and loading effects of a capacitor excited Induction generator (CEIG) are considered with special attention to the excitation capacitance. An Induction machine can operate as a CEIG provided the induction machine is driven beyond synchronous speed by a prime mover and suitable excitation capacitance connected to its terminal. The design of the CEIG was based on a 7.5 kW induction motor mechanically coupled to a 20 kW DC generator. With the coupled machines, the design involved designing a suitable controller for the prime mover, determination of the induction machine parameters and the determination of the excitation capacitance. The testing of the CEIG was done both on no load and at on load conditions. Under no load conditions, the terminal voltage of the generator was observed under different excitation capacitance and also with different prime mover speeds. The generator tests at load condition were carried out both for static and dynamic loads.

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