Performance Evaluation of a Three-Phase Induction Machine with Auxiliary Winding Fed by a Leading Reactive Current

M.C. Muteba, A.A. Jimoh, D.V. Nicolae, and A.S.O. Ogunjuyigbe (South Africa)


Induction machine, Auxiliary winding, Machine steady state and dynamic performance, Power factor enhancement


In this paper the performance of three-phase induction machine Equipped with a three-phase auxiliary winding which is only magnetically coupled to the stator main winding is evaluated. A capacitive load is connected in parallel to each phase of the Auxiliary winding and serves to inject a leading reactive current into the machine. Steady state and dynamic performance of the machine are evaluated under various loading and compensative conditions. The experimental results show that it possible to obtain a comparatively good power factor with a fixed capacitive load for various loadings of the asynchronous machine.

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