Energy Conservation in Household

P. Shipkovs, G. Kaskarova, I. Purina, K. Lebedeva, M. Rubina, J. Golunovs, I. Niedrite, and M. Jirgens (Latvia)


Energy conservation, energy efficiency, heat consumption, housing stock.


The household in Latvia is the most energy capacious sector – 36.4 % of the total energy consumption has been consumed by household in 2007. According to that the energy demands in household as well as energy conservation potential are very important parts of the management and development of energy sector. The statistical data of the housing stock and energy consumption in household, energy conversation potentials for household in Latvia are presented in this report. The methods used for the energy conversation potential for individual and mini-family buildings estimating are discussed in paper. In the paper some ideas, possibilities and solutions of residential block are presented, with the aim that the building would became a user - and environmental friendlier nucleus of a large built structure – the city. Riga Energy Agency (established with the support of European Union (50% co-financing) in 2007) is independent non-profit entity formed by the municipality. The main objectives for the establishment of Riga Energy Agency (REA): management and coordination of energy supply and energy efficiency in Riga municipality; ensuring of energy efficiency information awareness among local population.

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