Energy Management in Hotel Facilities

W. Schellong (Germany)


Energy management systems, energy efficiency, audit, education


Energy efficiency is recognised as an important response to economic, energy security and environmental challenges. Before the background of a rapidly growing tourist industry the energy efficiency of hotel facilities is of great interest for the countries of South Africa. The paper describes computer aided energy management systems as a part of the facility management in hotels. Energy information systems represent a necessary part of the energy management. The energy data management as well as the essential steps of an energy audit are described. In the case of planning new hotel facilities the energy audit has to ensure that the rules of energy efficient building design and technical installations are fulfilled. The most applications of energy audits focus on the remodelling of existing buildings. Applicable methods are described to improve the energy performance of a hotel facility. Because of the complex structure of the energy management in facilities an integrated system approach is necessary. The paper describes some aspects of multidisciplinary engineering education which inter changes the ideas, methods, and technologies from different scientific fields. Some experiences with the engineering education in the field of energy saving at the Cologne University of Applied Sciences (CUAS) are presented.

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