Application of Solar Technology to Improve Energy Demand in Botswana: A Case Study

G.O. Anderson, A.Opok Opok, and B. Molefhi (Botswana)


Domestic PV System, Alternate Energy Source.


Energy is the key to industrial development for the promotion of economic and social well-being of the world population. The growth of world population has escalated the growth of energy usage. Solar energy conversion is inexhaustible and the process is pollution-free. The paper presents a case study of the application of solar PV system for domestic energy in Botswana. Currently Botswana imports 80 % of its energy needs from the neighboring countries. In the paper, it is shown that such application will considerably reduce the importation of electric energy. It also shows that both the domestic energy consumer and the power utility of Botswana, the Botswana Power Corporation (BPC) will gain financially.

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