Technical Intergration Requirements for Grid Connected Wind Farms

T.T. Madangombe, K.A. Folly, A.B. Sebitosi, and P. Pillay (South Africa)


Wind turbines, integration, power quality, voltage variations


Owing to the extensive development of wind power systems globally, there is a drive to address the power quality and technical issues related to their integration into the grid so as to allow for a dependable and cost efficient operation. One aspect that may need to be investigated is the degree of power quality caused by power fluctuations and connection of wind turbines to the grid. Wind energy is one of the major renewable options available locally in South Africa. According to resource assessment studies, although still in its formative years, the wind energy resources in South Africa have the potential to grow to about 2GW. This paper seeks to describe some of the power quality issues that are associated with the integration of wind power onto the grid. In addition to this, a dynamic model of a wind farm which Eskom intends to build on the Cape West coast shall also be described and analyzed to enable the assessment of its possible impact on the power and voltage profile of the utility grid. The DigSilent PowerFactory simulation tool shall be used for some of the case studies in the paper.

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