The Optimization of Base Station Site Placement for Unevenly Distributed Traffic using Genetic Algorithm

B.R. Philemon, A. Kurien, and Y. Hamam (South Africa)


Genetic Algorithms, optimization.


The growth in demand for mobile communication services has been exponential around the world. This growth has been more significant in developing countries and in Africa in particular. The rise in demand places greater complexity in the planning process, and particularly, on the radio planner. This study focuses on optimizing base stations locations from a collection of available base station sites. The coverage and capacity of the network are optimized by carefully searching and selecting only the set of given available base station location sites which provide the optimal coverage and capacity. To achieve this, a Genetic Algorithm (GA) approach is applied with a weighted fitness function. The function evaluates the trade-off between capacity, coverage and cost. The algorithm is applied to a scenario where the traffic is unevenly distributed. The results show that optimal coverage and capacity can be achieved at a reduced network cost.

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