Revolutionary New Algorithm to Simulate Solar Radiation Components and Optimum Slopes of Absorber Plate

N. Nijegorodov, J.G. King, and D. Khare (Botswana)


Model development, Simulation of solar components, Optimum slope


Based on new physical models developed by Nijegorodov et al at physics department of the university of Botswana a revolutionary new algorithm and special software to simulate all solar radiation components and optimum slopes of an absorber plate variously oriented at any location from the north to the south pole are introduced. The computer programme developed requires as input data only meteorological parameters such as: temperature, relative humidity, visibility and sunshine hours. It is shown that the algorithm introduced is quite accurate. The accuracy of all simulated parameters is within ±3%. The computer programme developed allows to simulate hourly, daily and mean monthly solar radiation components. It also allows simulating daily and mean monthly optimum slopes. The algorithm developed can be used widely for different purposes in solar energy research and for practice.

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