Dynamics of the Rotor Suspended in a Hybrid Magneto-Hydrodynamic Field

J. Awrejcewicz (Poland) and L.P. Dzyubak (Ukraine)


Rotor, magneto-hydrodynamic bearing, hysteresis, control, stability.


Nonlinear dynamics of high-speed rotor symmetrically supported on the magneto-hydrodynamic bearing (MHDB) is analyzed. In the case of soft magnetic materials the method of multiple scales [1] is applied. The nonresonant and resonant cases are considered. Accordingly to the last case the system is in conditions of the primary and internal resonances. In the case of rigid magnetic materials the hysteretic properties are taken into consideration by means of Bouc-Wen hysteretic model. To characterize the hysteretic close-loop control the rotor motion instability regions as well as the amplitude level contours of vertical and horizontal vibrations of the rotor are obtained in 'frequency-amplitude' of external excitation parametric plane.

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