Framework for Readiness Assessment of 3G Mobile Telecommunication Network

A.S. Akande, F.J. Ogwu, and S.O. Ojo (Botswana)


E-readiness, Structural-readiness. Need-change readiness, Critical factors Non readiness and readiness assessment.


The paper addresses the readiness assessment of 3G mobile telecommunication network in Botswana. Critical factors such as the need change readiness (NCR), structural readiness (SR), engagement readiness (ER) and the non readiness (NR) were used in carrying out this study. The study involved the use of the stakeholders to derive a framework for the 3G readiness assessment in Botswana. The framework included empirically validated instrument developed using statistical analysis SPSS 14 software. The sample for the respondents was taken from the university environment only. The framework was used to determine the 3G readiness assessment status of the stakeholders involved in the research. The results showed that the engagement readiness was the most important followed by the structural readiness and then the need change readiness for the customers. The non readiness was measured in isolation from the other factors in the customers’ analysis and it showed that most of the respondents in the research were ready for 3G implementation in Botswana.

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