Trim and Stability Analysis of Powered Parafoil/Payload System

J.O. Pedro and B.J. Wolmarans (South Africa)


Parafoil, Payload, Trim and Stability Analysis, Modelling and Simulation Nomenclature AR Aspect ratio b Wing span, m c Mean aerodynamic chord, m CD0 Coefficient of profile drag CD Drag coefficient CL Lift coefficient Cm Pitching moment coefficient CT Thrust coefficient d Diameter, m F Force, N Ix, Iy, Iz Roll, pitch and yaw moments of inertia, kg/m2 Ixz Product of inertia, kg/m2 K1 Low aspect ratio wings correction factor l Length, m l1 Parafoil cg distance to the confluence point, m


This paper presents trim and stability analysis of a powered parafoil/payload system. The static and dynamic stability models are based on multi-body approach. Two trim states are identified: an ideal trim state and a pseudo-trim state. Multi-body trim and dynamic analysis results show that the system is both statically and dynamically stable. The sys tem stability is strongly affected by the centre of gravity (cg) position and the location of the overall riser force.

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