Evaluation of Authoring for Adaptation and Delivery via Learning Management Systems

F. Ghali and A.I. Cristea (UK)


Evaluation, Adaptive authoring, MOT, QTI, CP. 1. Motivation Adaptive and adaptable hypermedia authoring is challenging, especially with respect to moving on from standalone academia systems and endeavouring to deliver the created adaptation materials to students using regular learning management systems (LMS). Previous studies [11] have shown that, whilst adaptation authoring is a “difficult problem”, there are at least two applicable approaches to solve it: 1) a common language, a ling


Adaptive Hypermedia content offers personalization. However, (re-)using such material with regular Learning Management Systems is not yet straightforward. Ideally, materials created once should be usable anywhere. One such vehicle for reusability is represented by e-learning standards. Thus, here we describe the extension and evaluation of My Online Teacher (MOT), an adaptive hypermedia authoring system, to which compatibility with IMS Question and Test Interoperability (QTI) and IMS Content Packaging (CP) was added. This way, MOT authors can use materials dedicated to learning process adaptation on any standards-compatible LMS. In this paper we evaluate the converters from MOT to IMS CP and IMS QTI via both qualitative and quantitative analyses. This paper reports our hypothetical findings, their implementations, and the joint results of the evaluations of the converters.

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