Multidevice System for Educational Accessibility of Hearing-Impaired Students

P.R. Sanz, J.J. Dorado, J.M. Snchez Pena, and B. Ruiz Mezcua (Spain)


Live captioning, educational accessibility, hearing impaired, multidevice.


Nowadays, we are living a new accessibility paradigm where removing barriers is not the only way to integrate because of universal accessibility have became one of the main goals to be achieved. According to this principle, it is herein presented a system which eliminates hard of hearing students’ communication barriers in educational environment and creates digital content automatically for all students. It has been implemented a whole system which transcribes the teacher’s speech and converts the spoken lesson into a new digital resource, with the help of a voice recognizer. This transcription is available in real time for students with hearing needs in form of captions sent wireless and available for a latter use as support to the learning process via internet. The system allows the students with speaking problems to type in a keyboard their questions or comments that are sent via radio to the teacher where they will be converted to synthetic voice with a text-to-speech program. The recognition process is very sensitive to training time and highly depends on the microphone used, so a personal implication of the teachers is needed.

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