'Episodes' in Pupils' Collaborative Talk during ICT-based Music Composition: A Modeling Approach

G.N. Nikolaidou, S.J. Hadjileontiadou (Macedonia), and L.J. Hadjileontiadis (Greece)


Modelling, ‘episode’, collaborative music composition, talk, ICT


Pupils’ collaborative talk during Information and communication Technologies (ICT)-based music composition is approached here for modeling purposes. In particular, the concept of ‘episodes’ is adopted as a means for tracking the dynamic characteristics of peers’ dialogue during their collaboration. Their dialogue is divided into episodes, considering them as the unit of analysis. Moreover, these episodes are further divided into episode stages, as an attempt to describe the characteristics of each episode, in terms of the related work of the compositional task dynamically activated. Experimental results from a pilot study show the existence of two clusters that correspond to the decreased and increased conversation activity, respectively, in terms of the number of spoken contributions presented by peers. The trends of these clusters reveal the nonstationarity of the conversation activity and shed light upon the nature of pupils’ collaboration.

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