Augmenting e-Learning Standards with Adaptation

F. Ghali, A.I. Cristea, and M. Hendrix (UK)


Adaptive authoring, e-learning standards, collaborative learning, MOT, SAKAI, LMS


Collaborative learning, in the context of Learning Management Systems (LMSs), is becoming an important factor in the e-Learning process. LMSs such as Blackboard, Sakai, allow various forms of collaboration between students. Moreover, LMSs allow a high degree of reuse by relying on e-Learning standards. Nevertheless, LMSs lack adaptation and personalization facilities. Adaptive Hypermedia environments allow for adaptation, but do not usually allow for collaboration, and only seldom use standards. In this paper, we present our work towards combining adaptation, standards, and typical LMSs, to achieve personalization in collaborative environments. In particular, we use MOT (My Online Teacher), an authoring system for adaptive hypermedia, IMS Question and Test Interoperability (IMS QTI) and IMS Content Packaging (IMS CP), and the Sakai LMS. In We demonstrate how e-Learning materials based on standards can be augmented; in order to achieve personalization, and adaptive collaborative support, using collaborative adaptive strategies. Thus, this work describes a significant step towards the little explored avenue of adaptive collaborative systems, based on extant learning standards and popular LMS.

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