Development and Evaluation of Mobile-Phone-Compatible Comment Card System and Text Mining

H. Miyata (Japan)


Ubiquitous Learning Environment, Use of Learning Data Analysis and Visualization of Free Text, Improving University Lectures, Blended e-Learning


The “Knowledge-Generating, Ubiquitous Learning Project” at Shiga University was adopted by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology in Japan as a part of the Contemporary Good Practice in Higher Education Projects. Through this project, we offer blended e-Learning courses that combine learning using Web-based content with face-to-face lectures. The courses utilize a system that automatically stores short reports and comments sent from the students’ mobile phones in a database. This paper presents an analysis system that processes these comments using text-mining techniques and performs cluster analysis to visualize the results as a dendrogram in real time. In addition, the proposed system uses a valuation technique to visualize students’ opinions as correspondence analysis diagrams. These diagrams are presented to the students as real-time feedback. Trials conducted to determine the utility of the system showed an increase in the exchange of opinions and viewpoints among students and indicated that the system could augment a Web-based course that aims at knowledge generation.

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