Learning from Spatiotemporal Stories with Storix - One Size Fits All?

G. Misund, H. Tolsby, and . Hakestad (Norway)


Storytelling, spatiotemporal content, learning styles, hyper media, timeline, map.


Storytelling is a primary vehicle for structuring and pre senting knowledge, experiences and attitudes. As such, it is a fundamental tool in education. The digital era has pro vided us with novel tools for compiling and disseminating stories. Stories are often firmly embedded in a spatiotem poral context, where time and place play essential roles. As a consequence, we have developed a concept, termed Storix, where we add new dimensions to stories by time stamping and geo-referencing individual story elements. In addition to the traditional narrative, sequential organization of a digital story, we provide a map and a timeline. Thus, the user is free to to explore the events from a variety of di mensions. We present indications of educational potential of the concept by reporting and discussing results from ap plying Storix as a learning tool in a 7th grade local history lecture. We found that the system supports differing learn ing styles. Moreover, the learning outcome for students favoring concrete experiences rather than abstract concep tualization, was higher than expected.

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