eCard: A Flashcard System for Oral Practices in Learning of English as Foreign Language

G.C. Lee (Taiwan)


ICT, TESOL, Instructional Technology, Flashcard


In the learning of foreign language, due to limited class time, speaking drills are often practiced as a group in class. Furthermore, individualized practice is impractical as learning progression is not tractable. In this paper, we present an eCard system that can be used to facilitate speaking drills in the learning of English as a foreign language, which was rarely practiced at school due to lack of sufficient ICT tool. The eCard system was designed so that the teacher can focus on designing the learning contents and practice assignments, not the non-learning related operations. A pilot teaching experiment was conducted. The teacher reported that students would faithfully use the eCard system to practice their oral skills. Furthermore, students concur that the eCard system is indeed good for improving their English speaking ability and pronunciation accuracy. The pilot study paved the way for future studies on using the eCard system either at school in the computer lab, or at home for individual oral practices.

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