A Classroom/Distance Learning Engineering/Technology Course on Nanophotonics

J.P. Agrawal (USA)


Lecture on demand, Nanophotonics, Plasmonics, Negative refractive index and FDTD simulations.


The paper presents the design of an engineering graduate course on Nanophotonics in a traditional classroom /distance learning format. The nanophotonics course is comprised of three components: a) content, b) simulation and c) project /term paper. The course content concentrates on the enabling technology. The simulation part enhances the learning experience by exercises on FDTD simulation engine. The third part consists of critical review of publications and research. This course is intended for the senior/graduate level class. The paper also shows that how classroom learning can be enhanced by making available to learners the classroom lecture in audio /video/pdf format from anywhere and at all times on demand, referred as the Lecture-on-Demand technology. Technology is the result of integration of Microsoft Power Point (tablet version) and a third-party software for capturing and embedding the audio and video parts of the lecture.

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