An Integrated Web-based Literature Module

P.W. Stalljohann and P. Rohde (Germany)


e-Learning, Learning Management Systems, Literature, Digitization, Copyright, Digital Libraries, Workflows


Managing and providing literature is a fundamental task of lectures at German universities. Bibliographies are handed out, published on the internet or provided at a reserve shelf at the library. At RWTH Aachen University there is a way to substitute those time-consuming and, in the internet age, antiquated approaches. By means of a literature module that has been integrated into the learning and teaching por tal L2 P , lecturers of the RWTH are enabled to manage lists of recommended literature for each of their lectures on the basis of appropriate catalog data. Literature is provided uniformly to the students in this way as well. The lecturers additionally get the possibility of requesting digitized parts of publications from the library by a workflow-based pro cess that has been integrated into the learning portal. The in-depth knowledge and experiences of the university li brary concerning German copyright issues are used in this process.

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