Analysed and Video-based Online Faculty Development

S.-R. Lin, Y.-W. Chen, P.-I. Lee, Y.-B. Wei, Y.-T. Kuo, and H.-T. Teng (Taiwan)


Faculty development, video-based, online faculty development, case study.


This work describes issues emerging from the video based online faculty development website. The participants of this case study are eight faculty members who obtained the Award of Teaching Excellence at National Central University. Classroom observation, individual interviews, and document analysis were utilized to collect data for this study. This investigation presents the results of the two-year project, in which 54 instructional films on “Interactive Platform for Faculty Instructional Development (IPFID)” website were analysed. The analysed and video based instructional films increase the willingness of faculty members to browse the content of IPFID website, but the effectiveness of faculty instructional development remains unknown. This study has following contributions: (1) some instructional films are developed and analysed in terms of various instructional topics; (2) the faculty saves time for browsing instructional films by directly searching for the category of interest; (3) interaction for faculty members on online faculty development is enhanced, and (4) the faculty’s excellent teaching experience is maintained.

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