Online Performance based Management and Evaluation System as an Instrument to Manage the Quality of Institutional Performance at the University of Technology, Jamaica

S.A.C. Glasgow, J. Ellis, N. Johnson, and V. Pougatchev (Jamiaca)


Online Performance Based Management and Evaluation System, 3600 principle of evaluation, Quantifiable objectives, Key Performance Indicators, Strategic Planning.


This is a first of several articles describing our approach to building an Online Performance Based Management and Evaluation System (OLPBMES) at the University of Technology (UTech), Jamaica. It is anticipated that this Web Application will form the base for a full management system for educational institutions which includes strategic, academic and financial planning and management components. This approach will allow the institution to respond promptly to real-world challenges and opportunities that might impact on its short and long term strategy. Key objectives of implementing the performance-based management system were a) better engagement of faculty and staff in achieving corporate level, faculty, school and department strategic outcomes, b) ensuring greater accountability for performance c) improving employee morale and d) linking pay with performance. The University opted, from both a cost and developmental perspective, to utilise the expertise of its faculty in developing an online application rather than purchasing an off-the-shelf product. This paper describes the rationale for the development of the system, its key components, and the roles of each of the partners in the process.

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