Experiences with Activity based Training Methods in Vocational Education

J.B. Stav (Norway)


Activity Based Training, mechanical industry, SME, e learning, video streaming, video conferencing


This paper outlines and discusses new flexible Activity Based Training (ABT) models for just-in-time transfer of competence and know-how to the SME workplace. It utilizes experiences obtained in welding courses in Norway that recently used ABT methodologies in combination with high quality video streaming and video conferencing solutions. Students from mechanical industry validated a successful training environment for just-in-time transfer of new skills, competence and know how to the workplace within the mechanical industry sector. This distance learning environment uses a blend of technologies mixing for instance face-to-face training, virtual learning through LMS, video streaming and inclusion of state of the art videoconferencing solutions. Welder’s trainers and welders constitute model user groups. The blended learning methodologies mixed on site and on-line training, with distance e-learning solutions exploiting video streaming and video conferencing. The ABT principles may be utilized by in company skills upgrading processes where the production workflow is divided into work packages.

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