Investigating Factors that Influence Teaching with Computers: Attitudes Revisited

D. ner (Turkey)


Computer integration, teacher professional development, attitudes, theory of planned behavior, focus groups


It is generally an uncontested assumption that it is important to understand teachers’ computer attitudes before implementing any educational policy regarding computer use in schools. This study provides insight into this problem by doing two things: 1) proposing a different method of studying teachers’ attitudes toward teaching with computers, and 2) reporting a study conducted using this method and comparing the findings with an earlier study. While prior research in this area typically employs quantitative methods–that is, survey data collection and statistical analyses–the approach used in this study employs focus group interviews for data collection and qualitative data analysis. In addition, the constructs of this study are derived from a theory in social psychology, namely the theory of planned behavior, which enables one to conceptualize attitudes as part of a system of factors that influence teaching with computers. It is argued that this approach better addresses some of the limitations of prior research.

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