Electromagnetic Absorption Efficiency of Polypropylene/Montmorillonite/Polypyrrole Nanocomposites

R. Moucka, J. Vilčkov (Czech Republic), M. Mravcakova, M. Omastova (Slovak Republic), M. Abshinova, N. Kazantseva, and P. Sáha (Czech Republic)


Polypropylene conducting composites, polypyrrole, montmorillonite, dielectric properties, electromagnetic shielding


This research was aimed at studying electric and dielectric properties of polypropylene composites filled with montmorillonite particles coated with polypyrrole. Unlike a basic binary polypropylene/polypyrrole composite, the ternary sample with montmorillonite particles exhibits higher dielectric losses and, consequently, a significant rise in shielding efficiency in the radio-frequency range of 0.1–1.5 GHz. This effect has been produced by the presence of highly polarizable montmorillonite anisotropic lamellar particles with polypyrrole conducting layer, which considerably increases the complex permittivity of the composite.

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