Preparation of Crystalline SiC/SiO2 Core-Shell Coaxial Nanocables

G. Zhu, X. Zou, J. Cheng, M. Wang, and Y. Su (PRC)


SiC/SiO2 core–shell; coaxial nanocables; thermal evaporation


A simple direct synthesis method was used to synthesis SiC/SiO2 core–shell coaxial nanocables by thermal evaporation of the mixed powders of silicon monoxide and active carbon at 1300℃ and condensation on Si substrate without assistance of any catalyst. The SiC core typically has diameters of about 30-40nm and is covered by a uniform layer of about 2-4nm thick amorphous SiO2. A double vapor–solid growth process is proposed for the formation of this novel structures based on detailed structural characterizations. The cable nanostructures may find applications as building blocks in nanomechanical or nanoelectronic devices.

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