Nano-Sized Pt/Pd/C Electrocataysts and their Activity Toward Methanol Oxidation

F. Kadirgan, S. Beyhan, and T. Atilan (Turkey)


Nano-sized Pt-Pd/C, electrocatalysis, methanol, direct alcohol PEM fuel cells


Nano-sized Pt-Pd alloys are synthesized by polyol process on Vulcan XC72. The structural information of the nanomaterial is obtained by TEM, XRD, XPS methods and the electrochemical measurements. The average particle size of platinum-palladium catalysts is found to be about 3-4 nm. Their catalytic activities against methanol oxidation are measured and compared with that of commercial Pt/C (20wt% E-TEK). The methanol oxidation is studied in half cells at different temperatures. The significant improvement in the catalytic activity compared to that of the Pt/C is believed due to the higher electrochemical surface area and the synergistic effect between Pt and Pd atoms.

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