A Patch-based Partitioner for Parallel SAMR Applications

H. Johansson and A. Vakili (Sweden)


Load balancing, structured adaptive mesh refinement, partitioning.


To achieve good parallel efficiency, applications using structured adaptive mesh refinement (SAMR) need to re peatedly repartition and redistribute the underlying dy namic grid hierarchy. However, no single partitioner works well for all application and computer states. This paper presents the implementation and evalua tion of a patch-based partitioner for SAMR grid hierar chies. The partitioner results in a good and stable load bal ance, on average 3.1%. Space-filling curves are used to reduce the high communication volumes that are inherent in this type of partitioner. The partitioner will be a part of the Meta-Partitioner, a partitioning framework that automatically selects, config ures and invokes good-performing partitioners for general SAMR applications. Access to a large number of comple menting partitioners is essential for the Meta-Partitioner. The presented partitioner will help to significantly decrease run-times for SAMR applications where load balance is the main priority.

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